Sunday, March 28, 2010

Poop is bigger than Rand

  One of the things I have recently learned in regards to how I can generate more traffic to my blog was to write about something topical, and not something all frilly-nilly and such. Well, my last few posts have about the lost love of two ancient greek mythological characters Orpheus and Eurydice, a haitian singer, and my undying love for Geena Davis, and somehow, I just don't think things can get as frilly-nilly as that.
  So today I decided to take out all my frustrations about this asshole John Stossel. John Stossel runs a little series on Fox News which my economics professor, here at the College of Charleston, Douglas Walker, who claims to be completely non-biased in the world of political affairs, is completely obsessed with. Almost everyday we are forced to watch one of his mind-bendingly convincing arguments for the 'virtues of selfishness,' where he either berates a poor, out of business farmer or questions the ethics and/or morality of free health care; all being ideas that, after John Galt ejaculated into his mouth, John Stossel now spews back up into the minds of Americans, in some kind of sick, sadomasochistic manner. I think John Stossel and every other psuedo-Libertarian, should take the pages of "The Romantic Manifesto" and shove them so far up their asses that Ayn Rand's body, six feet under, will feel the unified ass fucking that all of her little minions will then be undergoing.

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